Apokoronas, pure Crete!

Authentic, generous, unique. Where tradition is an attitude to life. Pride and honor, a natural behavior. The black shirt, everyday’s dress code.

Here, agriculture is a way of living instead of an income source. It is practiced with love and respect, as the main objective is to feed the family first.

Our products come from family estates instead of massive farming. That is why they are unique.

Apokoronas is everything we bear in mind when we think of Crete. The images, the music, the customs, the aromas and mostly, the taste of food. These tastes are “the Apokoronian origins”.

Our vision is to offer
a taste of Crete
through our products
and it is crystal clear
like the fresh water from
the springs of the
White Mountains, here
in Apokoronas.

We are building a new, purposeful brand consisting of two main pillars with a direct synergy. A basket with carefully selected local agricultural products, such as, extra virgin olive oil, honey, native herbs, traditional vinegar dressings, as well as, a gastronomic and cultural experience of Apokoronas itself, the everyday life, the customs, the food, the recipes.

Because Apokoronas is a place that someone can describe as “pure Crete”. Authentic, traditional, proud, generous, special. Like the products and the people of this unique land.

We aim to offer new experiences in nutrition, taste and well-being to those who seek to discover them. To provide added value and differentiation, not just one more product.

We have a true passion to succeed!